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Join me on October 10th for a free seminar on scriptwriting! 
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Learn More - Intermediate Class

intermediate classIntermediateClass

Students in this class have continued from the Intro class, are continuing students from a previous semester of Intermediate Class, or possibly are new and have a finished script or some work in progress.  In any case, the class focuses on workshopping material.

Join a terrific group of writers in a peer-review workshop directed by Mark in order to chisel your work each week into rock hard perfection. 

Script pages are presented and reviewed EACH WEEK!  Up to ten pages per session per student allows for a student to put through an entire script for review PER SEMESTER!
The class is dynamic, exhaustive and fun with students forming relationships that have lasted years. 

If you need specific information on:

  1. How to finish your script
  2. How to fix your script
  3. How to do anything script- or film-oriented This class is for you!

Class Discussion and Lecture Topics

  • Advanced film structure
  • Applying mythological principles to ongoing work
  • Psychological concepts
  • Deepened characterization
  • Applying theme to your 2nd draft
  • Rewriting strategies
  • Marketing your script
  • ...and more!

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