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This is general information for the workshop class of Mark Sevi, through Irvine Valley College Community Education (


Parking is five dollars per night.  Machines are available where marked on the Campus Map by the orange-bordered square star (permit dispenser) or by going to the Campus Police station and getting a pass.

You can go to the campus police station (see Campus Map) before 6:00pm and purchase a semester or yearly pass.   This is much cheaper and easier since the machines on occassion are not-functional for various reasons.

Make sure you get a pass - there is no grace period for parking at any time, period

Also, head in parking only - don’t back into your spot or you’ll get cited.

Since class is normally held in a room near the Jeffrey and Irvine Center Drive section of campus (currently A123 in the A100 building,) parking is recommended in Lots 4, 3 or 2.

Lot 1 is a staff parking lot - no parking for students.

See the campus map on the school website or included in this document.

Class format is:


(1) A movie is assigned each week to watch.  Watch it.  That movie is then broken down and discussed with my lecture on certain aspects of the film in class.  A current, working knowledge of each film is necessary so watching it is essential.

(2) A workshop using student material is part two of class - and the major portion of the Intermediate class.  Constructive critiquing is mandatory so be sure to read all material that is submitted.  You don’t have to print all the submissions out - read them online and bring notes to class.

In the INTRO CLASS, students are given writing prompts and write 2-page scenes based on those prompts.  That material is then read and critiqued in class.  After a period of weeks, students then begin writing pages based on their own ideas.

In the INTERMEDIATE CLASS, students continue their work and/or start new work.  These pages are submitted to the website and critiqued in class.

    Access to all submissions will be found on the class website which is discussed later in this document.

(3) Lectures on many topics involving writing and the business of writing are part of the curriculum.

Email Group:

    A Yahoo email list is part of the class communication.  Your email will be added to this list so everyone can communicate with everyone in class by using one common email address.   

What is an email list?  Click HERE to see a graphic and explanation.

    Once added to the email list, you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and email everyone.  Any response to any email is also sent to everyone.

    •    Class information is communicated through this list.
    •    The email list is also utilized to ask questions of the group.
    •    General comments are welcome. Please do not post anything political or blatantly offensive.  Also, don’t share videos or music unless they pertain to class.

    You cannot be a part of this list until you’re added so I will add you after I get your email address.

    If you ever need to unsubscribe from this list, a link is always provided on the bottom of each email.


    There is a website ( designed for students to submit their material each week.  Once registered, you can log in and submit your material. 

This website is private and only available to registered students.

    To register:
    •    Go to the website, click on the link REGISTER.
    •    Fill in the information (it’s basically name and email.)
    •    I will get a notice to approve you.  Once approved you will be sent a password by email.
    •    Login using your user name and password, change your password to something you like if you want (in back office part of website,) then go to the front page of the website and look for information on how to use the website there.

    The rules for submission:     1.    Deadline for submission is Sunday at midnight for class consideration that Tuesday.
    2.    No more than 10 pages at a time.  Five pages if it is a story, synopsis or anything but script format
    3.    Material must be submitted in PDF form.  The Website won’t take anything else.
    4.    Scriptwriting format only unless you’re submitting a synopsis or similar.
    5.    Unless okayed by me, submit your work from the beginning if you’re new to class.  It is always helpful to include a logline (brief description of your concept) in the comments section of your submission on the website.


    The class has a Facebook page: 

You can request to be added and an admin will add you to the group on Facebook.

Campus Map (parking permits marked) -


What is an email list?

An email list like the Yahoo Group used in class is simply a network that is controlled by Yahoo.  It's like a dispatcher who sends information from one person to a group of people on a list.  It provides a central email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for us to send an email and hit all the members of the list simutaenously.  Any responses to that email (say from me) are also sent to everyone.

In the illustration below, someone (blueman) sends an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - perhaps they are asking what the movie is that I assigned.  His email goes to Yahoo Groups (blue arrows) and is distributed to everyone on the list. 

The list is private - no one except the group members sees these emails but also realize that EVERYONE in the group gets that email.  You cannot use this list unless and until I add you.

Redman sends a reply back (red arrows) and everyone, including the original sender gets that email reply.

As mentioned, it's basically a network of two-way communication to members only.  It allows me to send one email about class assignments and have everyone on the list get that email.

The list is greater than just the classes.  It includes any member who has taken my class and is still interested in class info.  So if you have a private matter, send those emails privately like you would any normal email.  The email list is a good way to communicate information to other writers who have taken my class and are still part of the community and to communicate to your fellow students during the class sessions.

UNLESS YOU TAKE YOURSELF OFF THE LIST (unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email) you will remain a part of this list.

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