Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Which Class Should I Take?

My system for learning scriptwriting and developing your inner filmmaker is geared to all levels of skill whether you've written before or written nothing. 

scruiptwriting classes lo wINTRO CLASS:

Eight weeks of guided learning and writing workshop suitable for all students; no experience necessary but also good for anyone who has written before.

I do recommend that all students take the Intro class since I have very specific concepts and nomeclature that I use that no one else does.  The Intro class is eight weeks and is a fun, open class.  It's a great way to start.


Any student who has taken the Intro course and some experienced scriptwriters who have not.

The Intermediate class is for those continuing from the Intro class.  Your work is started in Intro and expanded on in Intermediate.  Some students who have scriptwriting experience may be appropriate for this class although I do, again, recommend that all process through the Intro class first.

The Intro class is suitable for a one-semester length attendance.

The Intermediate class is ongoing and never stops with one session following the next and ongoing work being done each week. 


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question5Which Class Should I Take?

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